22.05.2016 19:07

Kindergarten Projekt „SunPass“ started in Athens

Prof. Dr. Eggert Stockfleth during the press conference in Athens © ESCF

An increased number of people have to live with the consequences of excessive suntan: More than 250.000 new cases of skin cancer occur each year in Germany, with a rising trend. The situation in other European Countries is quite similar. “In whole Europe primary prevention plays a key role”, explains Professor Dr. Eggert Stockfleth, head of the European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF). Therefore, the ESCF informs European dermatologists about new methods of therapy and especially about prevention of skin cancer on a regular basis – as done recently in Greece. Now the kindergarten project SunPass officially started in Athens.

“UV radiation is the most important risk factor for skin cancer. That is why the aim of SunPass is to sensitize kindergartens, parents, children, grandparents and educators for the topic sun protection and to reward measures for the protection of UV radiation. The main idea is to learn a healthy handling with the sun”, emphasized Prof. Stockfleth in a press conference in Athens with around 100 journalists.

In spring, the project will start in 10 to 15 kindergartens in Athens. For the first time, elementary schools will also take part. Due to the positive media response – several TV stations and Journals reported about SunPass and the launch in Athens – additional kindergartens of other Greek regions will follow in the next year. The project is guided by Greek dermatologists and supported by the ESCF partner Avéne.