21.05.2012 15:02

Shadow is the best sun protection for children

Đ CFalk / pixelio.de

Frankfurt/Main (dpa/tmn) - Shadow and the correct clothes are the best sun protection methods for the sensitive childrenīs skin.  Sun screen is only a small part of sun protection. That explained the Regional Chamber of Pharmacists for Hessen. A sunshade and light clothing like shirt, shorts and head will protect the skin of the children.

Parents often rub the whole body of their children with sun screen. However these greasy preparations can stress the body. The whole body of the children will be heated by the sun. If one rubs the children completely, they will have problems to sweat. In the worst case it may cause a heat accumulation, warned the chamber.

Therefore parents should use sunscreen only for naked parts of the body. Due to the thinness and permeability for a lot of substances of childrenīs skin in contrast to adultsīs skin it is important to pay attention to use the correct product. Especially, infants under the age of two and babies should be rubbed with sunscreen consisting of physical filter substances, advise the experts. They act like a sunshade. In contrast the chemical filter substances often cause skin irritations.

It is very important that the sun screen should be spread evenly on the skin.  If you use sun screen with poor quality the lotion will be white at the skin folds. That reduces the sun protection.