Journalists at the Press Conference

International Journalism Award of the ESCF

Have you published an article on "skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment"? If so, why not apply for the 4th International Journalism Award of the ESCF?


Annually, skin cancer incidence has been continously increasing by five percent during the past decade. Meanwhile, skin cancer is the most common cancer. The main reason is the intensive sunbath that can cause serious, chronic photo damage of the skin. The morbidity and the health burden associated with skin cancer is underestimated. It is essential that sun protection starts as early as possible because every sunburn in childhood can increases the risk of later developing skin cancer.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation aims to increase the awareness and the knowledge of skin cancer in the general population. For this reason, the ESCF will give annually an award to journalists. They will be honored for their outstanding commitment on representing the subject of skin cancer and skin cancer prevention to the general public in order to increase awareness.


Applications are open to journalists and editorial teams (giving all authors), and freelance writers in the following categories of media:


  • Local and regional articles
  • Regional and national articles
  • Articles from weekly / monthly publications
  • Magazines (other than customer magazines and pure subscription tracks)


  • TV or Web reports and broadcasts from 1'30 to 45 minutes
  • Reports, documentaries and magazine reviews


  • radio reports and broadcasts from 1'30 to 45 minutes
  • Reports, documentaries and magazine reviews


The contribution must be in German or English, be published between 01.08. 2013 and 31.07.2014 and not been awarded before.


The award is endowed with 10,000 Euro in total. The prize money shall be divided between the media categories at the discretion of the jury.

Evaluation Criteria

The award recognizes outstanding and easily understandable publications of a year. The focus of reporting should be on the following topics:

  • Is the review based on scientific approaches?
  • Was the research conducted carefully?
  • How well is the specified target group addressed?
  • How well the the journalistic quality and originality of the contribution?
  • Does the contribution use appropriate language, style and form?

Opportunities for Applying

Submission of the contribution is possible by post or email

  • Print review in PDF format (two documents)
  • Video/radio review in mpeg2 (DvvD9 / mpeg4 format, including the manuscript, the interviews written out and the moderation)


  • Name and address of the author or the editor
  • Short biography of the author
  • Short description of the contribution
  • Title and Release Date
  • Details to the target group


is the 7/31/2014

Please send your application or European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF) Professor Eggert Stockfleth Keyword: Journalistenpreis Schumannstr. 1b10117 BerlinGermany


Incomplete applications or applications that do not fulfill the requirements will not be considered. Submitted papers remain at the ESCF. The winners will be informed in writing. The name will be published in professional journals and on the ESCF-website:


The jury members are appointed by the ESCF and are independent in their judgments. Jury members a

  • Representatives from medicine: Prof. Dr. Eggert Stockfleth, Head of
    the Skin Cancer Center Charité (SCCC), Professor Christian Surber, University Basel, Switherland
  • Representatives of the ESCF (Ira Frederike Grebe und Stefanie Tofoté, PR ESCF)
  • Representatives of the media: Sybille Seitz, rbb / ARD, Ralf
    Blumenthal, Professional Association of German Dermatologists

The decision is final. In particular, the jury is not required to define their decision with third parties.

The award ceremony is on the 13. September 2014 at the European "Non Melanoma Skin Cancer Day".





The winners 2013

© Andreas Franke - panabild / ESCF

"service: Gesundheit" from Hessischer Rundfunk

© Andreas Franke - panabild / ESCF

The editorial team of “service:Gesundheit”  (Sabeth Hron, Claudia Bohm und Mathias Münch) from the “Hessischer Rundfunk” for their film about the black skin cancer and the proper use of the sun.


© Andreas Franke - panabild / ESCF

Susanne Schaeffer and Kerstin Quassowsky for their three-page article "The sun plunged us into darkness" (see the full article)