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Partner Classes

The European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF) aims to assist in developing and providing standardized prevention strategies and treat- ment guidelines on a European level.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation aims to promote skin cancer awareness and knowledge for different target groups. Health care officials and politicians as well as the general population are addressed by awareness and education campaigns in order to enhance their knowledge with regard to skin cancer and the associated costs for the health care system.

General practitioners and dermatologists will be informed and trained regarding all aspects of skin cancer, including risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, enabling them to perform regular skin cancer screenings and treat early stages of skin cancer.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation will assist in developing prevention and treatment guidelines in cooperation with all partners in order to provide standardized care for skin cancer patients all over Europe. Treatment guidelines will include a special treatment guideline for each form of skin cancer. The algorithm for the skin cancer prevention guidelines will be designed according to the current knowledge regarding skin cancer risk factors and effective prevention strategies.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation will assist in establishing skin cancer centers around Europe that follow standardized management guidelines and provide optimized care for skin cancer patients.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation will support research activities in the field of skin cancer, focusing on innovative modalities for skin cancer prevention, treatment and diagnosis of skin cancer.