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SunPass project described in numbers

In 2015 the nine cancer societies certified 95 kindergartens in Germany. 1140 educators as well as 8018 children and their parents were reached during the project. In total, 27 dermatologists took part. In 2016 the success is expected to continue.

Meanwhile, SunPass was launched in other European countries. In Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Poland contacts were made to the key opinion leaders in dermatology and to the different cancer societies. The participants were informed about the implementation of the project. During workshops in Berlin and Bochum dermatologists from whole Europe were engaged to contribute to SunPass. 

SunPass also starts in Greece: In April 2016 the ESCF will train dermatologists in Athens in order to forward the project. 

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique supports the implementation of the project: Therefore sunscreen samples of Avène Thermal could be provided to all partcipating children. 

The next years the aim is to inspire more countries to join SunPass and to inform children all over Europe about the appropriate and healthy approach to the sun in order to reduce the ever-increasing numbers of skin cancer in longterm.