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Germany is the only country where skin cancer screening is a standard benefit of the general health insurances. The aim is the early detection of Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Malignant Melanoma.  As a result, the prognoses can be improved, the mortality reduced and a lot of lives can be saved. Meanwhile, the screening is a beneficial method of prevention with a high reputation among the people. It is succeeded to open also the access to these preventive check-ups  for socially disadvantaged groups.

About 13 Million people went to the screening during the last two years, that  means 29 percent of the beneficiaries. About 80 percent of the screenings were done by dermatologists.

Despite the growing acceptance of the screening by the population, which was demonstrated by a survey of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG),  a lot of the interviewed people are not really worried about skin cancer.

In Germany, there are 38.000 physicians who can screen you - also around your corner!

A list of all screening experts you will find at: