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SunPass – Healthy Sun Fun for Kids

Project for skin cancer prevention in kindergartens

The European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF) initiated the project “SunPass” in order to improve sun protection in kindergartens. SunPass is being implemented with the help of the German Cancer Society and currently nine subsidiaries.

Background of SunPass

The incidence of skin cancer is continuously increasing in Germany. In 2011 about 250.000 people suffer from the disease, each year with an increase of 5 to 7 percent. The main cause for skin cancer is an exposure to sun during many years.

Sunburns, especially in childhood, is the main risk factor for the emergence of black skin cancer. The development of children´s skin is not yet complete and therefore the skin is very sensitive to sunlight. That is why the girls and boys have to be protected against UV radiation, so that playing outside is not dangerous. 

Today children spend most of their day at the kindergarten. Therefore, the educators are more and more responsible for sun protection. Especially the day-nursery personnel has to take care that the smallest children should never go in the direct sun at all. the Interview with Professor Stockfleth