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Implementation of SunPass

UV radiation is the most important risk factor for skin cancer. That is why the aim of SunPass is to sensitize kindergartens, parents, children, grandparents and educators for the topic sun protection  and to reward measures for the protection of UV radiation. The main idea is to learn a healthy handling with the sun.

During the first visit the experts of the cancer society examine the kindergarten. How does the outdoor area looks like? Which measures of sun protection exist already? The results are recorded in a report.

Some more measures were developed together in order to improve the protection of children. These could include new sun sails and the daily use of caps in the summer months.

In a second date parents and educators were trained during a parents' evening. If possible a dermatologist is available and could answer deeper questions concerning sun protection. All participants receive information about the development of skin cancer and its main risk factors. Furthermore, the experts explain the correct behavior in the sun and give hints for useful preventive measures. 

The young people were involved in the project as well: A picture to color with the mascot Paula shows how she feels after one day in the sun. The girls and boys understand the effects of the sun, like sunstroke and sunburn. In the story Paula wears a cap, use sunscreen and plays in the shadow the next day. 

Finally, during the last visit the kindergarten will be rewarded with the certificate “SunPass kindergarten” for the measures implemented in the last months.