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The Non Melanoma Skin Cancer Day

Non melanoma skin cancer is 30 per cent more frequent than previously assumed in Europe. This shows an EU study (EPIDERM study) being going on since 2008 in nine European countries. Alone in Germany year by year 220.000 fall ill, with the meanwhile most frequent cancer of the population. This shows an increasing trend of about five to seven percent yearly.

Non melanoma skin cancer is less aggressive than the malignant melanoma and only in rare cases it is fatal, but on the other hand, the occurs ten times more frequent. „The strain for the patients and the health system were underestimated strongly due to the insufficient data situation. “Professor Eggert Stockfleth, head of the European skin cancer foundation (ESCF), explains. „To be able to fight skin cancer at all Europe-wide, we urgently need new strategies for the public health. The people need clearing up and access to an optimal therapy“.

The European skin cancer foundation would like to increase the consciousness in public of spreading without panic-stricken fear of the skin cancer illnesses. Therefore the ESCF especially exclaimed the "European day of non melanoma skin cancer" in 2011.